Aquamarine Crystal Cluster on Schorl – NERA 020

Aquamarine crystal cluster on schorl

Measurements:  42 x 42 x 32 mm

Description:  A cluster of light blueish-green aquamarine crystals sit on a matrix of schorl and some schorl crystals. Several of the aquamarine crystals have schorl inside and on them. The aquamarine crystals are generally opaque, but at least three of them have fairly clear upper parts. 

The specimen has several pressure marks, flaws and quite a bit of damage overall.

Weight of Specimen:  46.4 g

Chemical Composition:  Be3Al2Si6O18  (aquamarine

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (aquamarine) 7.5 - 8.0
                                          (schorl)  7.5                                      
 6 - 6.5

Location:  Erongo, Namibia, Africa.

Specimen Code:  NERA 020


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