Bladed Barite Crystal Plate - VAR 026

Plate of gemmy, light yellow bladed barite crystals

Measurements:  60 x 40 x 12 mm

Description:  A plate of gemmy, sparkling, light yellow, delicate bladed barite crystals with bits of hematite among the crystals, and at the bottom of the specimen. 

The little damage there is, is mostly to some of the specimen's edges.
Weight of Specimen:  35.6 g

Chemical Composition:  BaSO4  (barite)
                                       α -Fe2O3   (hematite)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  3 - 3.5  (barite)  
                                           5 - 6  (hematite)

Location:  Rosh Pinah, Namibia

Specimen Code:  VAR 026


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