Two-Sided Fluorite Crystal Specimen – VAR 044

Two-sided fluorite crystal specimen with three colours

Measurements:  106 x 62 x 48 mm

Description:  A two-sided fluorite specimen with the main side having predominantly light yellow coloured crystals up to 36 mm on edge, while the other side has bits of green and purple with the yellow colouring and bits of (?)feldspar. 

The specimen has a few nicks, and damage to the edges.  It displays well on a flat surface.

Weight of Specimen:  272.4 g 

Chemical Composition:  CaF2  (fluorite)
                                       KAlSi3O8  (feldspar) 

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (fluorite)  4
  6 - 6.5

Location:  Okorusu, Namibia.   

Specimen Code:  VAR 044 



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