Window Quartz Crystal with Chalcedony – BARG 001

Amethyst / smoky quartz crystal with large, deep windows

Measurements:   66 x 40 x 35 mm.

Description:  An impressive quartz crystal with large, deep windows. The surfaces of the termination facets are partly altered to chalcedony. The crystal has patches of amethyst and smoky colouring..

The termination has only minute nicks, while the only other damage is at the bottom of the specimen.

Weight of Specimen:  89.3 g

Chemical Composition:  SiO2  (quartz and chalcedony) 
Hardness on Mohs Scale:   (quartz and chalcedony)  7   

Location:  Brandberg, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  BARG 001  

US $ 55


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