Brandberg Quartz Crystals in Bulk – BULK 012

5 quartz crystals from Brandberg, including sceptre, moving bubble and windows

Description:  Five quartz crystals, ranging in length from 33 - 61 mm.

The longest crystal has a small bubble with very limited movement, and a minute one that moves freely in a triangular cavity with about 5 mm diametre. It also has a smaller crystal of which the tip penetrated it just below its termination. When tilted in light, a few small rainbows can be seen in some of the crystals.

The window quartz group has contact damage to the back, while the small sceptre has a neat (large) blow-out. Otherwise only a few minute to small nicks.

Total Weight of Specimens:  104.3 g

Location:  Brandberg, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  BULK 012

US $ 95


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