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What Our Customers Say
  (Extracts From Some of the Letters)
The minerals arrived today, all in perfect condition. (John - Australia) 

I just opened the package and all the crystals arrived safely and they are just wonderful! Thank you so much for the two extra ones, especially the one that you collected - it's beautiful! (Helen - USA)

The parcel has arrived safely, everything inside is just stunning... as always. (Evie - Australia)

Thank you very much for all beautiful crystals and gifts, they are even more gorgeous than in the photos. ... I am wishing you all the best and look forward to order in your shop again (Michaela - Czech Republic)

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my beautiful Brandberg Amethyst. Its simply too beautiful. I am in love with it. I also want to extend a gratitude to you for the lovely quartz companion gift. I truly appreciate it. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. (Akashni - South Africa)

... thanks these have arrived, appreciate the quartz gifts! Very happy indeed  (Chelsea - New Zealand)

Thank you and i am pleased with the items. Will check your website to order again.  (Audrey - Singapore)

THEY'RE HERE!!!!!! And they're beautiful, of course, especially NBB 192, even more so than I expected. 😀  ... Thank you for everything. I wish you all the best always   (Suvayd - Canada)

The specimens arrived in perfect shape, as usual, due to your great packing .... Thank you for the lovely self-collected quartz...  (Sue - USA)

The package arrived, thank you.They are beautiful.  (Dawn - USA)

Everything was correct. The Quartz crystal you included was very nice, and everything was as expected & advertised.  (Crystal - USA)

Just received these beautiful crystals. Thank you so much.  (Maryann - USA)

I just wanted to let you know I received the 3 BEAUTIFUL crystals! They are wonderful, and so very carefully packaged. Thank you so much! Very best wishes to you. (Robyn - Canada)

I'm happy to report that Package #1 just showed up in my mailbox! .... I'm very happy with the crystals, and also looking forward to Package #2.  (Suvayd - Canada)

The specimens arrived ...! They are safe and sound and fully intact! These are incredible! Thank you for the extra specimens as well!  (Josh - USA)

... the crystals arrived safely! And how stunning they are! I love them, thank you so much!! ... Thank you so very much for the gifts too ...  I'm always thrilled to get a package from you and will be back again.  (Lorraine - USA)

... the pieces are very beautiful, thank you. The surprise pieces are greatly appreciated.  (Vinodh - South Africa)

The shipment arrived yesterday, thank you so much!  I have not had a chance to go through all of them, but the ones I did open are lovelyI am truly grateful for your work and that I am able to receive these beautiful treasures.  (Kalikoweo - USA)

Thank you very much my order arrived this morning. As always I am very grateful. Big thank you for the gift.  (Dudley - South Africa)

I just received the ordered specimens. I am satisfied with it. Than you vey much for the two quartz specimens. It is greatly appreciated. (Yves - Canada)

I opened them all and they are amazing! Perfectly packed and so beautiful. I will treasure these and look forward to purchasing again from you. Thank you so much! (Kalikoweo - USA)

The crystals arrived today and I had a great time opening them!  I was so excited!  They are absolutely gorgeous and all came in great condition.  ...  Thanks so much for the extra quartz too, and for taking such care in packing them up.  I'm so happy they're here!! 
(Melissa - USA)

I just needed to send this now to say that you guys Rock!  ... Your packing is amazing .... The box took some abuse but your packing is solid ... (Roarke - Ireland)

Thank you so much for the order and the quartz. I really appreciate it.  (Dudley - South Africa)

My harlequin crystals and the lovely quartz with goethite gift finally arrived! I am thrilled.  (Joanna - USA)

My parcel arrived today, thankyou so much for the additional 2 items, and thankyou for the specimens being packed so well - they arrived 
safely, and every item is stunning. I look forward to ordering again in the months ahead.  (Evie - Australia)

I received my package today. Thank you so much for the extra quartz. I especially like the quartz you collected yourself. I look forward to the next opportunity. (Keisuke - Japan)

Hello! I have now received both packages and as always am quite satisfied. I always love everything you send! (Traci - USA)

... I received  the package today. So I'm very happy. thank you. (Mieko - Japan)

... I received the ... crystals ... plus the .... gifts. Thank you ... I enjoyed the written descriptions and provenance. Especially that you mined one of the gift crystals yourself. Thanks for all. Always special to interact with you. (Robert - USA)

... Big Surprise! My package arrived this afternoon. I have just opened it and absolutely love the crystals ... I am transfixed by their beauty...  Thank you, thank you for your work and care in bringing these to me. Very best wishes ... (Linda - UK)

... got it very nice thanks again  (Sean - USA)

Thanks so much for the extra crystals. They are beautiful.  (Dawn - USA)

Ek het die (pakkie) ontvang, so baie dankie vir die Kwarts dit het my hart nou so gelukkig gemaak! :D Hy is so mooi! 
Hulle is al 3 so pragtig! (Mandi – South Africa)

The package arrived in great condition and all the crystal specimens are amazing and I just love them all. Thank you for the 2 additional 
gifts you included : )
 (Patrick - USA)

I have just received my parcel. And the specimens are just magnificent! (Saeed - UAE)

I took a chance purchasing your material, and I was not disappointed. Now I am interested in the larger specimens.  (Arnaldo - Canada)

Thanks for the crystals, received them today ... Thanks for the sample specimen as well. Will be in touch one of these days 
(Jonah – South Africa)

Thank you Very Much for the gifts. The quartz with the clinochlore is super. And the photo on your website is amazing! (Once I got the spelling right!) What I ordered was just what I wanted! Keep sending me updates. Is there any place I can post a Highly Recommended review to help you?  (Susan - USA)

I received the wonderful gems on Friday. Thank you so much!  (Kataiya - USA)

Thank you. The crystals are beautiful and they arrived faster than I thought.  (Frederick - USA)

... the package with the specimens arrived safely. They are all Perfect and Lovely! You are truly so generous!  (Sue - USA)

... thank you, package has arrived!!  Now that is speedy even having gone through customs.  Thank you for wrapping them all so beautifully ....  Amazing service, thank you. (Carey - UK)

... just received my three specimens, fully intact. WOW!! they are the best I have ever ordered of Internet. Thank you for such gorgeous 
pieces of earth,and thanks for the gift. (Richard - USA)

The gorgeous crystals were received. I've never seen such pure crystals before. Grateful also for the incredibly clear small crystal gift. 
Many blessings, (Mary, USA)

The crystals arrived and I love them!! Thank you so much for the two extra crystals and providing background information about them. 
Many thanks, (Nicole - USA)

Great news: my package just arrived this afternoon. Needless to say I am VERY happy with the little ones and especially the one I ordered ;-)! The subtle, lovely colour of the ajoite looks better than in the picture, and anyway, I really, really like it! (Suvayd - Canada)

It arrived all well and good. Thankyou very much, the smokey brandbergs are proving to be just what I needed. (John – UK)

We received the minerals ... They all arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your beautiful gift.  (Alfons & Anna - Spain)

I have today received my order! Thank you so much, everything is perfect and even some gifts! I am extremely happy with the way you have managed the entire process. The Yoco option is very easy to use, as much, or even easier than PayPal, so I am happy to have heard about this option. I hope all your other customers are taking advantage of this as well!  (Sandra - Spain)

I finally received my crystals today they are beautiful thanks so much!!!!  (Kelly - USA)

I just would like to inform you that I have received today the minerals..!!!  Thank you very much for the gifts....I love them..!!  (Adeline - France)

... I had a lovely surprise when I got home today, to see the aquamarine had arrived. God bless... P. S. the gift included is greatly appreciated. 
The package was safely de
livered. (Vinodh - South Africa)

... want to let you know that I received the crystal’s yesterday. Yay!! So beautiful, and what a wonderful surprise that you included an extra
crystal for me, I love it!! It’s beautiful! Thank you so much.  (Kim - USA)

My minerals arrived and I am very pleased with them. ... Thank you (Erika - UK)

I received the package moments ago and am very PLEASED with the crystal and the Extra Phantom Quartz Group! THANK YOU very much! I appreciate your professional service and patience. You make the world a better place with the passion you spread around the world in gems.  
(Tom-Paul - Australia)

I really preciate your fantastic customer service ... (Madeleine - Sweden)

I am in receipt of the beautiful crystals ... They are lovely specimens. And thank you so much for the extra phantom crystal cluster. Very nice!  
(Joseph - USA)

... arrived about half an hour ago... and needless to say they are SO beautiful!! Opening a package from you always feels like Christmas morning: 
even though I bought the items myself, they still feel like presents because they are always so much better than I imagined!! :-))
(Suvayd - Canada)

I´m so amazed to have found you and the Brandberg. You are honest, kind and have a great customer service that is over the top! 
(Madeleine - Sweden)

I'm happy to report that the package arrived today. The plastic box was brilliant. Everything survived perfectly intact and the pieces are beautiful. 
Thank you very much!  (Mike - USA)

...  really beautiful and I am extremely happy with this purchase! Looking forward to a next transaction, please accept my most sincere and
friendly greetings (GUARRY - France)

I have received my shipment. Every crystal is beautiful.  I will have to keep visiting the website for even more treasures. Thank you very 
much! (Cheryl - USA)

Just to let you know I received the items and a BIG Thank You for including the clear quarts crystal and the cluster. Am so touch by your kindness. 
They are so beautiful. I feel you and your husband are so fortunate to be able to mine. God’s creation are amazing! (Carolina - UK)

...  thank you...they were all just as they were pictured!  (Tina - USA) 

The scepter is even lovelier than I imagined: it's one thing to see pictures, even excellent ones, and another to actually hold the crystal in your hand, isn't it? ... Anyway, I LOVE the scepter, and the other little crystals too are exquisite. Thank you so much. (Suvayd - Canada)

I had a feeling of being very blessed as I opened the package. I loved the packaging you provided and the way the specimens were carefully wrapped. It was like Christmas in July : )  Thank you so much for the additional 2 crystals you gifted me with, they are special, and very kind of you.  I look forward to making more purchases in the future.  It has been a pleasure being your customer!  (Patrick - USA)

I received the crystals you sent .... Thanks for the fluorite and quartz crystals too. The crystals are beautiful and will find a happy home.
(Frederick - USA)

I have received them. They are beautiful!!! And thanks so much for the gift :-) (Héctor - Mexico)

Just to let you know I've just received my order ... and I'm very pleased with it. Thanks a lot for the additional items! (Delphine - France)

Crystal arrived successfully and surprisingly fast. I love it. Thank you for doing such a great job.  (Maria - Russia)

The crystals have arrived and are gorgeous. Thank you for the extra specimens too!  (Angeline - Australia)

Received the parcel! Fascinated by crystals! Thank you for the presents!! Thank you for finding such beauty and giving me the opportunity to touch it ...  (Elena - Russia)

Just to let you know that I've received my order. I'm very pleased with the NBB 178 and NTS 029 cristals.  (Delphine - France)

My lovely, beautiful little scepter has just arrived!! ... And it is SO beautiful, I'm so glad it waited for me a whole year ...
Thank you very much also for the other interesting specimens.  (Suvayd - Canada)

... i did recive the specimens,they are very special and nice  thanks a lot for patience and been friendly ...  (Sam - Spain)

Thank you Pierre and Riana I recieved my order today. Everything is better than perfect. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. (John - USA)

i have received the items... bless you and thank you ! :-) (Laurence- UK)

Thanks for the crystals. All arrived well, and they are quite nice !! Also thanks for the 2 freebies... (Willem - Australia)

... Thank you so much for these Brandberg Amethyst I couldn't be more happy with them honestly! This was one of my most fun packages to 
open, each one felt like I was opening a new Christmas gift. I am definitely going to cherish many of these in my personal collection and look forward to future business ... (Arek - USA) 

... Received the specimens. So lovely. Thank you. (Maryann - USA)

... it is BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much!  (Krista - USA) 

We have received the package with crystals, they are very nice indeed and thank you ever so much for the two extra crystals. None were broken and have been packaged very well, Hope that the business goes well. (David - UK) 

Thanks for the wonderful specimens! They arrived safely and are really great. Thanks! (Tanya - USA) 

I just wanted to let you know I received the specimens! Thank you so much for the little gifts, I especially like the amethist cactus quartz cristal  and will display that :)  (Danielle - The Netherlands) 

... ek het die spesimens ontvang in goeie toestand en is baie tevrede. Baie dankie ook weer vir die ekstra kristalle - baie mooi. (Schalk – South Africa)

I received the package specimens are excellent I've shown many people and mentioned your company. The bonus crystals were really nice. What I received was exactly as pictured I have no problems with it I'm extremely satisfied. Thank you again (Gregory - USA) 

I have received It! It is beautiful. Thank You!  (Connor - USA)

Thank you for the extra crystal. I made it into an awesome pendant. Beautiful points (Dawn - USA)

I got it and it’s wonderful!  Thank you! (Ralph - USA)

Recieved in good condition. Really lovely specimen. Thanks! (Laura - Canada)

It is exactly what I hoped for -- the sparkle of the copper is amazing! Many thanks! (Mithandra - USA)

The crystals ... are beautiful - many thanks!  (Martha - Austria) 

I'm happy to tell you that your package arrived yesterday ... Anyway, as you certainly can guess, I am very, very happy with the crystal, which is SO beautiful and unusual, as well as the precious little ones you sent along with it ... again, many many thanks and be well, both of you.  
(Suvayd - Canada)

I have received my specimens, they are beautiful! Thank you! Will be doing business again!  (Alec - Canada)

... I am blown away! Amazing material! So grateful for finding your business.  (Cliff - USA)

The package just arraived!! The crystals are impressive and I really appreciate the extras that you sent to me! Thank you so much for your extraordibary attention!!! You have been always fantastic with your service and I really appreciate it.  Blessings (Hector - Mexico)

I have received your specimen and it is very beautiful!  (Celestino - Italy)

I received it ...  Lovely crystal, thanks! :)  (Andre - Singapore)

Crystals received. Perfect and beautiful!!! Thanks for the present!  (Marina - Russia)

The minerals are lovely, and just as you described them.  Thank you. (Colin - UK)

I love them!  I will be buying more actually!!  Thank you so much!!  (Ralph - USA) 

Thank you so very much for the lovely specimens, they arrived today! It is one of my favorite moments to unwrap your beautiful crystals - thank you so much for the gorgeous gifts too!! So generous and kind of you and I treasure them greatly! (Lorraine - USA) 

I received the specimens yesterday – they are beautiful - very nice. Thank you  (Bob - Canada)

I have the package, I am very happy with everything, thank you for the extras it is very much appreciated.  (Walter - USA)

My beautiful crystals arrived and I love them! So sweet of you to include the extra two crystals! (Krysta - USA)

Specimens received. They are beautiful!!! For free samples thank you, very interesting. (Marina - Russia)

... wanted to let you know that I received the package.  And even though I'm pressed to get to the office, I had to open it and take a look.  (First you do an excellent job of packing.)  I opened up 3 of them and they are magnificent.  I feel like my system just opened up to the heavens.  I will be reordering soon. (Eve - USA)

... I am extremely happy with all the crystals!  Thank you once again for all the trouble you took to help me find those 2 that I was really looking for. Your professionalism never ceases to impress me, and I have recommended you to some friends who are collecting crystals.  Wishing you and your business the very best  (Suvayd - Canada)

Many thanks for these beautiful crystals which arrived today - all perfectly intact. ... Much obliged ... (Martha - Austria)

Thank you so much for the wonderful parcel you sent. I’m so happy with all the specimens and they were so well packed. The little extras you’ve been sending me are also going to all be treasured. I’m keeping the notes you send with each of them. (Fiona – New Zealand) 

So pleased and happy that the package arrived today! I’m beyond happy with the items and the extra specimens you provided are so wonderful! 
So many thanks!! (Fiona – New Zealand)

I picked up your package from the Post Office yesterday. I’m very pleased with the quartz specimen, and many thanks for the two additional specimens – both very interesting.  (Mike - USA)

Pardon my language, but YOU 2 ARE EFFIN' AWESOME!!! I can't believe hubby's gift got here before X-mas with extras!!! .....  We will be customers FOR LIFE!!! ♥ ♥ ♥  (Heather – USA)

The specimens arrived a few days ago …  Everything is fantastic, thank you very much …  (Sam - USA)

I'm very happy to report that the crystal showed up today ... and I still can't get over how beautiful it is! Not being a rock expert, I had never seen this type of crystal before, so even with the picture, I wasn't sure how it would turn out... WOW, there can't be too many Brandberg quartz that look like this. It's probably the most beautiful crystal I own... and I'm so glad it didn't get lost in the mail!! : ) Rare find indeed: now I understand what you meant. And it was so perfectly safe the way you packaged it. Thank you very much ...  (Suvayd - Canada)

... to let you know that they all arrived and are incredibly beautiful and are just as advertised. Your personalised care, follow-up and professionalism are very much appreciated.  (Fiona - New Zealand)

I have received it. Thank you, as usual they are fantastic.  (Lili – Australia)

They arrived safe and sound. Thank you all for the gifts!  Your packing was great and I will be a returning customer - that's for sure! Awesome pieces! Thanks again,  (Logan  USA)

I have just opened the package..  I love the crystal.. and thank you so much for the two extra specimen..  the letter really added a human touch to it ...  (Neal - Singapore)

The specimens arrived yesterday, I am very pleased with my purchase, thank you again!  (Sam -  USA)

... I have received my order.  They are beautiful.  Thank you.  (Karen - USA)

The minerals arrived today, I am very pleased with my purchase, thank you for the additional smokey quartz and regular quartz crystals, I look forward to doing business with you in the future.  (Sam -  USA)

The crystals came. Everything is fine! Extra specimens is interesting, very pleased!  (Marina - Russia)

... WOW, the Brandberg Quartz is even better than I expected: not only does it look great but it's also very nice to the touch, which matters to me because I intend to hold it a lot. : )  And those 2 lovely little specimens you sent with it: for a while there, I was afraid I got the wrong package! They are both beautiful and I love the idea that you mined the little clear quartz yourselves. It's so nice to get crystals right from the region they came from.  So a big thank you, and have a wonderful day ... (Suvayd - Canada)

... The crystal is so beautiful and I really liked the extras you put in …  Thank you so much.  (John - Canada)

I wanted to let you know that my package arrived safely - thank you! It's always so much fun to open each item. Even with your wonderful photos, I'm always taken back by the beauty of each stone. Thanks for your careful attention to each one in packaging them. And thank you so much for the additional ones you sent, especially the little crystal that you mined. I will treasure it. (Helen - USA)

... they arrived I am extremely happy with them thank you so much!  (Arek - USA)

I got yalls package today! I absolutely love it. I am so very happy with that crystal and the other 2 you sent. Thank you!  ... thanks again for being such lovelly people to buy from. I am happy to call yall my friends   (Traci - USA)

Crystals received. I very happy. Thank you, they are beautiful. Also thank you for the gift. (Marina - Russia)

I received my minerals last week and I LOVE them. So unique and special coming from where you live. And I particularly like the 2 crystals you sent to me yourself ... Thank you so much. (Claire - USA)

I received the package yesterday and am very pleased with its contents. The crystals arrived in excellent condition and I like the 2 extra crystals you sent me. They are quite nice. All of the crystals are wonderful. I especially like the Prehnite dome. It is quite beautiful. Thank you for providing crystal lovers with such wonderful specimens.  (Bette - USA)

... I have received my harlequin Quartz crystal. It is beautiful. Thank you also for my gift ... I appreciate it so much.  (Lori - USA)

Just got my package and oh my i am ecstatic!! I love love love all of them!! ... Anyways I am super pleased and thank you always for the extras. They are super special cause you picked them out for me !  (Traci - USA)

They did arrive and they are absolutely gorgeous. You'll surely be on my permanent list for great sellers and I just love that you mine some yourself as well …  (Meghan - USA)

The parcel arrived today. Thank you for the lovely fluorite crystals and for the extra crystals you sent me. I'm very happy with them. They are exactly what I wanted. ?￰゚リハ  (Angeline - Australia)

I received my stuff and I love them!  Thank you for the couple extras!!!  (Gabrielle - USA)

... shipment arrived today!  Impressive again.  Thanks again!  (Valerie - USA)

I received my parcel today thank you very much ...  Thank you too for the extra surprise of the other little crystals.  They are beautiful.  I am very happy with my purchase.  (Jenny – Australia)

I recieved the package yesterday, everything arrived undamaged, and I very much appreciate the extras, I am always excited to get new specimens and was not at all disappointed with these. Thank you.  (Walter - USA)

Good news from Germany. Everything is fine, the specimens are great ...  (Torsten - Germany)

... all good I received your package faster than any other!  ... Big thanks!!  ... your service are the best!  (Valerie - USA)

I got your package yesterday and looove them so much!  (Traci - USA)

Just wanted to say thank you! Received everything in good order today. Did not disappoint! Also a big thank you for the two extras you sent! Love them too!!  (Jocelyne - Canada)

I received the beautiful specimens on Saturday, they are really great. Especially the Schorl is awesome, the crystals are manifique :-)  (Torsten - Germany)

I received my beautiful specimen ..., along with the lovely gifts from you! Thank you so very much, just like last time my specimen by FAR exceeded my expectations, it is just stunning! What an amazing and truly special crystal. I also really love the quartzes you sent along, especially the slender one immediately stole my heart :)  Thank you!!  (Lorraine - USA)

...  My package has arrived today! I want to thank you for the wonderful pieces I received and for your incredible gifts!! They are fantastic too!! Thank you so much!!!  (Hector - Mexico)

...  thank you SO MUCH for my wonderful Harlequin Quartz and the beautiful gifts that arrived yesterday! The Harlequin is magnificent, what a precious treasure! I also especially love the quartz you mined yourself ... So amazing, thank you!!!! I consider myself very fortunate to have found your website and will surely buy more crystals from you in the future.  (Lorraine - USA)

...  I got them! they are beautiful ! ... And the extras are so pretty...  (Hope - USA)

 saw it for the first time at first hand I was amazed at how beautiful it is … Many thanks for this crystal…even though it looks wonderful on the web site it looks even more so when I can see it close up…!  (Gloria - UK)

I got your beautiful crystals today! And I love them all! Thanks so much for the extras too! I will for sure make great use of them!  (Hope - USA) 

... it's like christmas came early! Thankyou so much again for your service, and the few extra crystals you included. I am truly in your debt.  (Taylor - UK)

We've received your order and the Brandbergs look beautiful.  ... Also, thank you for the extra gifts.  (Madlen - USA)

... needless to say i was thrilled and could hardly wait to see what there was - i had almost forgotten and did not look them up so i would be surprised and that i was ... all of which are beautiful and precious ...  (Ragna - USA)

All specimens have arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for the lovely additional items and the kind note describing the crystals. The specimens are so beautiful. ...  I will definitely place another order in the future.  (Stephanie - USA)

... they are indeed lovely and amazing specially the smoky quartize from Namibia Brandberg it is mind blowing ...  (Saeed - UAE)

I received my specimens the other day and they are so lovely.  I am very happy.   Thank you also for the lovely extras that you put into my package.  (Kerry - Australia)

I have received the parcel last night. They are stunning beauties. Love at first sight!!  (Ivy - Singapore)

... the package arrived safe and sound. i am very happy with my specimens, especially the azurites. they are beautiful. thank u for all the help.  (Brian - Singapore)

... thank you so much they are so awesome!!  (Jason - USA)

I got my package! ..... I'm VERY happy with everything!!!! As always it's so nice to get them in your hands and see them with your own eyes!! Thanks again for everything!!! The beautiful specimens I bought, and your gifts.  (Benjamin - USA)

... Once open only one word: WOW. Better than in the photos! Beautiful also the two quartz gift. Thanks again for everything ...  (Rossella - Italy)

... The specimens are just fantastic! Thank you so much. I will definitely order more in the future.  (Tanya - USA)

... I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my queries as well as your swift shipping and overall excellent customer service. ... The minerals have arrived. Each and every one has blown away my expectations; they are far more beautiful in person than any photos could convey. Thanks very much for the two extras! They are fantastic, especially the very clear quartz that you collected yourselves ... (Vladimir - USA)

... Just want to say I'm very happy with everything!! Everything is amazing, and just as described. Thank you so much for the extra crystals!  (Benjamin - USA)

I received the parcel in good order ..... and I'm very happy with it!  (Linda - USA)

I did receive the package & am very pleased with it.  Thanks  (Debbie - USA)

I received the package in good order, and am very pleased with the pieces. Thank you so much. (Maria - USA)

just received my package ... what a box of treasures - one more beautiful than the last i am so happy with them -  thank you so much for introducing me to your wonderful word - the pieces you dig have a very special feel to them - they are all beautiful - and no two are alike are they ...  (Ragna - USA)

I received my order late last week ... - with appreciation - you provide a wonderful, reliable & friendly service. Thank you again for the additional crystals & background information you included - they are also very much appreciated & will be treated with care & respect. ...  (Deborah - Australia)

My parcel arrived today, and I wanted to say thank you again. Every thing was packaged securely and arrived safely. The specimens were even more beautiful in person!  (Maria - USA)

I can confirm the package has been received ... It's a lovely piece -- was calling out to me, hence the purchase. Will be purchasing more from you soon no doubt ... (Sam - UK)

I am absolutely so happy and thankful for the package! Everything looks great, especially those extra specimen ...  (Eddy - USA)

I received the package today. Must say that I am very happy with the packing and the crystals are beautiful. Thank you very much.  (Sukhada – India)

... Just wana to let you know that I have received both packages today. The crystals are wonderful and amazing, absolutely no regrets buying them! Thank you so much for your bonus crystals - you always send me some along with every package... It was a pleasant surprise and I am always delighted. Thank you once again for your service and products.  (Chrome - Singapore)

... your package was a delight to get and i am enjoying it thoroughly - they are all beautiful - cannot believe you actually dug the one - and the little cactus is all sparkles - amazing ... thank you again for bringing so much sparkle to my little spot in the world ...  (Ragna - USA)

I LOVE my Brandenburg and thank you very very much for the gifts!!!!  (Linda – USA)

... Very pleasant dealing with you! Will be a returning customer going forward ...  (Chrome - Singapore)

I received the order and am very pleased, and a BIGG THANK YOU for the extra wonderful gifts. Much appreciated ! (Tom-Paul - Australia)

... i did not know what to expect from the picture but it is more than i could have wished for - beautiful - clear and sparkling ....... thank you again so much for all the treasure you have brought to my life ...  (Ragna - USA)

Letting you know that the parcel arrived .....  All specimens were in good condition and look good.  ..... Thanks also for the two extra crystals.  (John - Australia)

Just a quick email to advise that I received my order yesterday - all intact - with thanks! ... Thank you for taking the time to write, for the stories of these crystals, and for the beautiful extra specimens you surprised me with.  (Deborah - Australia)

... I just received the beautiful quartz crystals.  The NBB 053 is even more amazing than the picture. Many thanks. Blessings  (Maryann - USA)

I just wanted to let you know that I have received wonderful crystals this morning.  I also love two extra crystals that you sent to me.  Thank you so much! (Mika - USA)

... These crystals are wonderful ... Thank you for doing what you do. I truly appreciate that you collect/mine such wonderful crystals. I'm so glad I found your site.  (Bette - USA)

...  I wanted to write and tell you thank you!! Everything is so amazing. I am truly in awe of the beauty of these crystals. And thank you so much for sending the ones that you collected. I just love them!  ... Many thanks for sharing these beautiful treasures.  (Helen - USA)

...  Everything was perfect and thank you for the little freebies :) (Lilitu - Australia)

... That was a very good specimen. And thank you for service. I'd use your store again. (Hiroki - Japan)

I have received the package. Crystals are all good. Love the pieces. Will be ordering more. Thanks for all the help and patience. Much appreciated. (Tarra - Singapore)

... I received my package and just wanted to say thank you. ... Looking forward to shop in your store again!  (Miao - USA)

Just letting you know that your parcel arrived.  As with my last order, I'm very happy.  The crystals I've received from you are truly special. Many thanks!  (Melanie - USA)

I received items I ordered today. Thank you for your prompt shipment, and I am fully satisfied with them. (Hideaki - Japan)

I am contacting you to let you know that I received my shipment! The extra specimens are lovely and NBB 134 is spectacular, I am very satisfied! Shipping was fast! It was nice doing business with you and I look foreword to in the future as well if I am able!  Much appreciation  (Alfred - USA)

... Each crystal i purchased was more beautiful than i had anticipated! The two gifts you sent along are equally as wonderful, thank you ...  I also wanted to be sure i thanked you for the fair prices. This must be mentioned as one can often times observe, for lack of better term, price gouging. ... So, again, thank you both. Be well.  (Joshua - USA)

The order was great, as always with you! Thank you so much for the surprizes!!!!! They're beautiful & I do appreciate them! (Sharon II - USA)

I received my order, all is well.  .... Thanks again for all of your efforts. The crystals are perfect and I will most definitely shop with you again in the future.  (Jessa - Canada)

 thank you! Especially for the gifts, they are so special! All the others are great too!  (Sharon II - USA)

Received in good order, very happy with the specimen!  And thank you very much for the free samples, very pleasantly surprised.  Will always treasure them (Grant - South Africa)

.... the specimens are perfect ! Thank you for putting the package together for me !! I will definitely be getting more when the opportunity arises !!  thanks again for your lovely service  (Denise - Canada)

I recieved my package! Very beautiful pieces and thank you very much for the additional crystals. Beautiful also. I congratulate you for the great service you have. Have a beautiful time and be very happy!  (Hector – Mexico)

All crystals present and correct including the lovely extra ones you included.  That was very kind of you and very much appreciated. Thanks for the beautiful crystals and for all of your help. (Estelle - UK)

I have received your package of crystals. They arrived in excellent condition. Thank you for packing them so well. They are astounding. I will definitely be ordering more from your site. It has been great to read the information on your web site about the area, how you find these stones, photographs, etc. Thank you for doing this. Special thanks for the 2 extra stones - they are lovely and greatly appreciated. (Bette - USA)

They just arrived in the mail today! Oh they are beautiful! Thank you for the extra stones. They are just as magnificent as the ones I picked out! I just love them! They look just like the pictures! : ) I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate your helpfulness throughout this transaction. I get a little nervous ordering outside the USA, but you presented yourself and your business with honesty and integrity from the very start. Thank you!  (Julie - USA)

... really pleased ... as all of your stones are of the highest quality and packed with love!!! Thank you again for another wonderful order! (Sharon - USA)

I received your package today.  Love, love, love the specimens.  Thank you so much for the little gifts ......  I love all of them.  Thank you again for your great service and gifts, they are truly appreciated.  (Suzanne - USA)

They have arrived safely and I am delighted and much love and gratitude comes to you …  (Jennie – Australia)

Confirming that my order arrived with the mail late yesterday! I have found your packaging the most innovative I have seen for mineral specimen's ... They always arrive safe and sound!  (Sharon – USA)

Just letting you know that the package arrived today, and as usual, the crystals are absolutely lovely! Thank you very much for the free crystals also, it is always such a nice surprise to receive them :)  No doubt I’ll be back again shortly! Thanks (Chenae - New Zealand)

I received the products without any problem today! Thank you for your prompt shipment delivery . I really love all of them! Thanks for  your help . Thank you and see you again!!  (Hirokazu - Japan)

I received my Aquamarine today, awesome once again:)  Thank you so much for the extra little goodies.  (Suzanne - USA)

... the package arrived here today.....the  crystals are delightful and I  thankyou for your wonderful service ..... (Jennie - Australia)

Thank you so much for the order!!!  .... I love the additional surprise crystals you included in the order, that was such a nice surprise, I love the note also, telling me exactly where they are from, and the one you found yourself!  I will definitely order again!!!  (Kathy - Canada)

I just wish to affirm that you are great to deal with, promptly replying to my questions and orders...  Keep up the good work! I love your phantoms, as you now! <grin>  (Sharon – USA)

The brandbergs are beautiful! Thank you so much for the 2 extras the druse is gorgeous! I'll be keeping an eye on your website, as I love the brandbergs! (Malinda - Canada)

Everything was just incredibly lovely! ... I shall be back!  (Mary - USA)

Great joy!!!! My wonderful crystals arrived!  ...  I love the little phantom you sent ... I am thinking about making it into a necklace! Thank you for the wonderful gifts and the amazing phantoms.  (Sharon – USA)

I just opened the parcel! What JOY!!! … A couple were to be gifts, now I don't know - lol. Thank you for the surprises … I love surprises ... I look forward to ordering from you again.  (Gail - USA)

It came! Wowzers! ... I can't wait to make more $ and buy more specimens. I thank you always for the lovely tokens ... I am very happy.  
(Mary - USA)

I received your parcel few days after you posted. I was away and got back and here it was! Beautiful!  Thank you so much the 2 little presents too especially the Orange River crystals.  (Hung - Australia)

The crystals ..... They are wonderful! ;) and I can't wait to save for more specimens, not only brandberg.  (Mary - USA)

Thank you so much for the brandbergs! They are truly beautiful! Their colors are stunning. Thank you also for the 2 extra items, they are beautiful as well ....  My package ..... very well packaged .....  I will definitely order from you again! (Malinda - Canada)

I received my box on March 12 in good shape and I am extremely pleased with my specimens.  (Don - USA)

.... they arrived and im very happy with them .... (Craig - USA)

Just letting you know I received the crystals today. They are absolutely beautiful, I am so happy with them! Thank you so much for the extra free crystals also, I love them! I will definitely be back soon ...  (Chenae - New Zealand)

.... the 1 st shipment of crystals arrived and i love them as usual. And i wanted to thank you for the extra crystals ....  i love your stuff ... (Craig - USA) 

I received the package today and I'm so happy to see my new friends! They are very beautiful! ..... looking forward to place my next order! The brandberg amethyst are gorgeous!  (Audrey - Singapore)

My box arrived in good shape yesterday and I unpacked it today. I am very pleased with all my specimens. ......  I will be checking your website frequently.....  (Don - USA)

I received my Morion's today.  OH MY they are wonderful!  I love them.  Thank you so much.  I am sure I will see you again in the not to distant future for some more wonderful specimens.  (Suzanne - USA)

They are unpacked and undergoing an appreciative welcome. Thank you for the additional 2 crystals – very much appreciated!  (Gary - USA)

... received the package yesterday. The crystals are wonderful! And thank you for the two gifts as well =) I'm definitely happy with them!  
(Clay - USA)

My box arrived in great shape today and I am very pleased.  These are very special.  (Don - USA)

Finally picked up the package.  Thank you the crystals are all beautiful. I know i will enjoy them.  (John - USA)

Just to let you know I have received my beautiful crystals and once again I am not disappointed. Thank you so much for your kindness in the little extras.  (Elaine - Australia)

... the crystals are here already and I am delighted and I thankyou very much for the extra ones ......in deep gratitude ... (Jennie - Australia)

I received your package today, WOW is all I can say.  Super pleased with the specimen, it is awesome.  And I loved the tiny clear with the imbedded smoky quartz, interesting that two were headed inwards and the one had it's point coming out of the crystal.  Thank you so much.  I appreciate your business, you have such high integrity and service. (Suzanne - USA)

I wanted to write and tell you tell you how happy I am with the Aquamarines and also you sent me two other very very nice pieces and I am just stunned. ..... I can assure u you have a long term customer in me.  (Craig - USA)

... wow, the crystals are amazing! The colour of NBB ... is exquisite, I can't stop looking at it! Thank you so much for the free gifts, they are beautiful. Will definitely be back in the future. Thanks again! (Chenae - New Zealand)

... I want to let you know I received my specimens, and they are gorgeous! Also, thank you so much for your wonderful gifts as well, they mean very much to me.  (Julie - USA) 

... Everything arrived perfectly.  We want to thank the wonderful crystal gift you sent us, it's very beautiful.   (Anna and Alfons - Spain)

The four specimens arrived in great condition today and I want to thank you for the two beautiful quartz crystals you sent. (Don - USA)

... I am pleased with all of my specimens.  Thank you for packing so carefully ...  I have not been a great fan of Schorl in the past but the Schorl specimen is gorgeous ...  (Don - USA)

Today we have recive your parcel with your specials presents. Thank you ... We don't have words for the others wonderful specimens ..... We hope to buy some more minerals as soon as is posible.  (Anna and Alfons - Spain)

The latest specimens arrived safe and sound as always. Thanks for the extras. I can't thank you enough for providing the opportunity to own some of the most beautiful crystals from your part of the world. God Bless both of you.  (William - USA)

I received the package and could not be more pleased.  The stones were even better than I had imaged from the pictures. Thank you for packing them with such care!  Also, thank you for the two stones you included, the smoky quartz and the clear crystal.  I will treasure them ...  (Teresa - Canada)

The parcel arrived yesterday. All safe and sound! What do I say? The Brandenbergs are more than I expected! They are beautiful!! ...  The Cactus Quartz too is beautiful!! Thank you so much for your gifts too ....  (Terry - India)

My wonderful crystals came today. They are gorgeous. The surprises were absolutely thrilling. They are as stunning as the others.  Thank you so much.  (Suzanne - USA)

Received all the specimens in perfect shape.Thanks again for the extras. Very thoughtful of you.  (William - USA)

Thank you for my crystal order and for your kind inclusion of two extras.  They are all so beautiful, more so than I expected. (Kerry - Australia)

I received all six crystals in perfect condition today. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for the extra gift too. ... Best Regards and God Bless  
(William - USA)

... I just wanted to let you know I received my beautiful crystals today. WOW! they take my breath away!  Thank you so very much for the extra gifts as well, I really love them. ... God Bless  
(Julie - USA)

I just received the third shipment of specimens which were all beautiful. Thank you for the extras.  (William - USA)

The crystals arrived ... they are truely amazing and I will treasure them ...  (Helen - USA)

Thanks very much for the lovely specimens which arrived safely yesterday. They are both very pleasing. I appreciate the "extras" too. 
(Tracy - Canada) 

I have received the first shipment of crystals from you. I am very pleased with their quality. I also would like to thank you for the extra crystals which were an unexpected extra bonus. I am impressed with the personal touch that you give your business.  I will definitely be looking to buy more of your specimens to add to my collection in the future. (William - USA)

Yeyyy!!, I received today my Schorl and Smoky Ouartz from you guys:)...they are so BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to give you so many compliments on how truthful all your descriptions were about the specimens and pictures on website were so detailed!!  It is an absolute pleasure to have business with you Pierre and Riana and I will continue to do so!!  I also Thank You for my little surprise gift, a Smoky Quartz! Thank You with many, many Blessings!!!  (Vaidila - USA)

... arrived, in perfect shape with no shipping damage. Thanks very much for the gift specimens, they will fit perfectly with my quartz collection. All pieces are very beautiful and I am very pleased with my purchase. I will come back for more.
(Scott - Canada)

We received your parcel thank you, the crystals are fantastic, much more detail when you see them in reel life. Thank you for the extra crystals what a treat the smoky quartz is beautiful. It has been a very exciting experience for all of us my kids were fascinated by the stamps and have saved them. (Marius - Australia)

.. received the crystal some time back, and love it. And thank you so much for the additional crystal you also sent along, it too is wonderful .... Thank you again so much for everything. (Chas - USA)

This is just to let you know that my parcel arrived safely today, and to thank for for your generous additional crystals.  They are all beautiful and I am impressed with how carefully you have treated them although they are so small, just beautifully extracted with no damage.  The harlequin's are the first in my collection and are truly enchanting.  I will now watch out for more coming on your website (-: May I take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2013.  Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. (Kerry - Australia)

... it was better than expected ... thanks again ... (Woody - USA)

We're very happy with our purchase, and especially love the two larger rocks ...  (Vanessa - Malaysia)

Yes, I did receive my beautiful crystals! I also would like to thank you for the 2 others you sent to me, they are gorgeous. That was very kind of you. I have read about Brandberg Amethyst, but untill I actually saw them in person I see how spectacular they are.  Thanks again! God Bless ...  (Julie - USA)

Thank you so much for the bundle of Brandberg and Orange River crystals ...  Thanks also for the little extras you've sent me both times. The crystals are lovely and it is a pleasure to be in touch with you.  (Lili - Australia)

Your parcel has safely arrived. Thank you for beautiful crystals and, especially, the extra two nice quartzes. The amethysts are very good for photographing.  (Boris - Russia)

Yesterday I received the parcel! I am very glad about the wonderful brandbergcrystal, thank you very much also for the gifts, you sent me ! Also very beautiful and precious!  (Eva - Austria)

All the pieces are nice and have already been registered in my collection catalogue. Thank you very much. Special thank for nice presents. Now will deliberately scrutinize, study under binocular, and photograph. Good luck in your mineralogical paradise. 
(Boris - Russia)

Thank you so much for those wonderful crystals, the Brandbergs are beautiful!  And I wish to thank you for the gift of the crystals that you sent. They are amazing specimens and I would be interested in a few more. Thank you for your superb service. (Suzanne - USA)

Your wonderful parcel arrived today  ...  We were all fingers and thumbs as we carefully unravelled each peice - you must have felt our excitement though you were not able to hear our delighted comments!  ...  TU for taking such care in the packing, no crystals were harmed on their journey.  ... Thank you from my heart.  (Suneya - South Africa) 

I picked up the parcel today ...  I was so impressed with the clarity ...  one by one I opened them and it was literally Christmas in August for me. I was soo happy with all of them. Thank you so much. GOD Bless you!!!  (Ruth - Canada) 

... arrived today in perfect condition. We are delighted ...  The gift is lovely. Thank you very much.  We are looking forward to a new order...!  (Anna and Alfons - Spain)

Just to let you know that i recieved my crystal specimens ...  I am really pleased with them ...  Thank you so much for the free gifts - these are such lovely little crystals - absolutely beautiful, and just perfect for me (you could not have picked better).  (Marie - UK)

I received the package thank you very much. All as expected and above expectation. No damage what so ever and thank you so much for your gift.  (Hung - Australia)

Our wonderful parcel with the two amazing specimens has arrived and it was a huge suprise seeing the Prehnite inside as well:-) million thanks it was a pleasuer doing business with you:-)  (Piroska - Hungary)

... I wish I could say thanks some other way. Such kindness you've given me. I will definitely pass the word of your site on. Even just browsing through your collection is something anyone could enjoy. Thank you again!  (Chris - Canada)

... just received my crystals today, all in perfect shape. thank u for the free gifts, they are lovely. was a pleasure doing business with u, hope to do so again in future.  (Brian - Singapore)

I picked up the package this morning and I am amazed at how beautiful and interesting the 2 crystals are in very different ways. Your gift of the dark smokey is also much appreciated. all the best  (Pauline - Australia)

... It was a complete pleasure dealing with you and I will continue to keep an eye on your website and development.  Thank you for everything ...  (Kyle - USA)

. . . the specimens I unwrapped were spectacular! They are larger, more brilliant and colorful than I thought ~ your pictures were beautiful, but, boy, to see them in the physical and to hold them in my hand doesn't compare to photographs. :-)  (Catherine - USA)

I received the package last week and am loving my specimens. Thank you for the great additions to my collection, they will be well loved.  (Matt - USA)

 ... we are nothing short of AMAZED with the package that we were just so blessed to have opened.  Every crystal is incredible ..... will definitely keep in touch if we want any more Brandbergs.  Thanks SOOOO much for the extra gifted goodies in there, we are both overwhelmed and dont even have time to properly appreciate what we just received but know that we will never cease enjoying this amazing little package.  ... thank you so much for everything.  Best wishes, many blessings, and MUCH gratitude ....  (Tristan and Jessica - USA)

 ... Your service was excellent and the crystals beautiful. Thanks again  (Claire - Australia) 

The crystals arrived safely.  Thank you!  I gave the big one to a friend today for his birthday and it brought tears to his eyes.  It was beautiful.  Thank you again for the crystals and the great service. (Linda - USA)

... the package arrived in good shape and the stones are just wonderful! Thank you in particular, for the two beautiful crystals that you sent. I love them both and the one that you found is very special. The other stones are also so beautiful - I love how small and intricate they are. I've gotten stones from many places, but I think you have a particular ability to find the ones that have a certain inner beauty and then just let people see that. Thanks so much! (Helen - USA)

Thank you for the wonderful crystals. That little quartz cluster you provided as a gift is also incredible! Thanks! I think I will be placing another order in the near future. (Jade - USA)

Your parcel arrived today all safe & sound they look awesome so very pleased.  Noted the two extra’s thank you very much.  (Greg -  Australia)

The stones arrived and they are beautiful.  Thank you for the communication along the way and putting together a terrific assortment of additional stones...it is always appreciated.  The dark amethyst stone is exactly as it looked on the site. I imagine that there will be more purchases with you in the year ahead. Thanks again.  (Mark - USA)

I had to come back for this unique crystal.  And I did receive the others and love them... Thank you! (Mark - USA)

The crystals arrived in good condition. Both stones are beautiful specimens. Especially the scepter quartz have an enthralling complexity which I enjoy very much. Thank you for excellent service and communication! I would be happy buying from you again.  (Eirik - Norway)

I received the Shattuckite specimen today. It is undamaged and looks really great. The phantom quartz piece was a nice surprise! Thank you very much for that. It was nice buying from you. I wish every seller communicates as good as you do!  (Guido - Netherlands)

I just received my lovely crystal. Thank you very much for this magnificent crystal and also W-C crystal. (Mitsuyo - Japan)

My crystals arrived safely yesterday and I am truly thrilled with them all.  Thank you VERY much indeed.  (Ros - England)

The parcel arrived today!  The specimens are lovely, and the two that you included were a great surprise.  Thank you so much for your great service and for checking on the parcel!  All the best (Claire - USA)

Just went to the post office and the minerals were here.  Thank you, they are beautiful, and thanks for the 2 free quartz crystals. Sincerely (Pamela - USA)

Thank you so much for sending my 2 crystals! They are stunning, and I'm very pleased. Thank you also for your little crystal gifts! A nice suprise. It's great to have found you for any future orders. Very best wishes (Rebecca - USA)

I got my package this morning, the BB crystal is stunning, and I love the little micro cluster you included as a gift, lovely touch. Im very pleased with the personal service you guys provide and will be a repeat customer in the future. Warmest regards (Laura - UK)

These are magnificent. Thank You  (Donna - USA)

Your beautiful Brandbergs arrived this morning. Thank you so much for the extra small crystals – the little Brandberg is just so luminous. I really hope to be back some time for more. Thanks for your care. Warm Regards  (Yvonne - Australia)

These crystals are absolutely exquisite! I had read that the clarity of the Brandbergs was superb, but I was still amazed! Thank you SOOOOO much for the gift crystals. It must be rewarding for dedicated rockhounds to live  near the source of so many of these minerals! Thank you again 
(Paula - USA)

Thank you so much for the extra crystal goodies you sent in addition to what I ordered. What a lovely surprise. and I am very pleased with the brandberg crystals I ordered from you. Blessings, (Trish - USA)

...... and the crystals were well packed with no visible damage during the delivery.  Very many thanks for your kindness with the lovely gifts of mineral samples. I am very happy to received them.  (Chai - UK)

I just wanted to let you know that my package arrived yesterday and the stones are wonderful!  Thank you so much also for the phantom and the little cluster.  I appreciate knowing that the cluster is something you found yourselves. (Helen - USA)

Recieved the package all safe and sound yesterday, big smiles :) beautiful little fellows …  Once again thankyou for great service and prompt delivery  (Shane - Australia)

It's here!!!  I love it!!!  It has a very "stately" attitude  --  quite different from my others!  … thank you so much!! (Beverley - Canada)

Just a quick note to say thank you. I am really pleased with my crystal specimens - they are really lovely  (Marie - UK)

The crystals are absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled with all 3 sets, so THANK YOU very much indeed - a very happy customer.  (Ros - England)

thank you so much for these beautyful crystals. Especially crystal i … Directly i had to laugh and cry when i took it into my hands. wow they are all so beautyful!  (Abiola - Germany)

... just wanted to let you two know that my crystals arrived once again in perfect condition.  Wow is about all I can say, better than I expected in so many ways.  ... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how happy I once again am with what  you sent me...and that I eagerly await your next upload of crystals...  (Andrew - Canada)

I love the crystals. They are beautiful!! And thank you very much for the two extra ones!!   Thank you so much for the pictures and descriptions.  You guys are really what they call "service after the sale"!  I want you to know how much I appreciate the time and trouble you've taken with me.  It will not be forgotten.  (Allex – USA)

My specimens arrived yesterday afternoon, and I am delighted. They are such treasures!! What a wonderful surprise to find a lovely piece from Brandberg - this is beautiful - and the threesome make an elegant presentation where I have them displayed. (Mary Ellen - USA)

The parcel has arrived and all specimens are intact. What beautiful crystals, what amazing gifts, I am so thankful and happy ! I can feel the love you put into each piece of the parcel, thanks so much !  (Michel - Japan)

I just wanted to tell you my crystals arrived. The smokey amethyst phantom I ordered from you is to date the single most beautiful crystal I have ever laid eyes on.  It far exceeded my expectation and I also wanted to thank you for the two small amethyst points you gave me with my order ....... It's a pleasure to do business with people like you, people who enjoy what they do and honestly just want to share what they do with there fellow enthusiasts.  (Andrew - Canada)

Our computer crashed recently, and with that, we unfortunately lost quite a bit of data, including a number of letters we received from customers - we'll just have to keep those as good memories.  (Pierre & Riana - Namibian Brandberg Crystals)

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely. The aquamarine piece is beautiful - even more than in the photos.  I agree, it is really an amazing piece - such presence! The other little crystal is lovely - thanks so much for sending it!  Thanks again. (Helen - USA)

Thank you both very much, I received the crystals today.  They are beautiful.   I love your website and think you are blessed to be "working" in such a beautiful part of the world with such beautiful crystals.  I very much hope to dig up my own quartz one day but until then I will come back to your website!  Thanks also for the gifts, I'm guessing one is a hematite-covered quartz and the other a Smokey? Thanks again and God bless.  (Nicola - UK) 

The parcel arrived yesterday and I am very satisfied with the beauties.  Now I will be extremely busy trying to make good selling pendants and earrings from them to be able to purchase more of your lovely stones.  Thank you so much for the extra crystals, very kind you are and I appreciate those little tokens a lot ! Thanks !  (Michel - Japan)

We received your package today and even though the packaging was severely mangled the Dioptase appears to be mostly undamaged. There was only one tiny Crystal dislodged from one of them.  We are very pleased.  Thank you for everything and for the brandberg crystal (my 1st one).  (Steve and Debbie - USA) 

I just collected the parcel from the post office a while ago and am delighted with the smoky cathedral, the tourmalines and my gifts.  Thank you very much for your efforts in getting these pieces for me.  I will enjoy them for a long time and will most certainly refer anyone interested in getting Namibian/South African crystals to you.  (May Ling - Singapore) 

You have been very professional. This will not be the only time we do business together and I will recommend you to others. Got the crystal and couldn't be happier. you have made my day. I will always remember your professionalism and kindness. Thank You. (William - New York)

The parcel has arrived today safely and my wife and me are still "spectralised" from these beautiful specimen!
Thanks a lot for the extra three gifts, highly appreciated, great crystals!  I will keep in touch and have an eye on your website. (Michel - Japan) 

I received your parcel at Wednesday, and I found very attractive specimens in the box!!  I am satisfied with your “Gem specimen” very much! Especially, “Dioptase in Quartz” is so rare, attractive and fantastic!  In transparent Quartz, Dioptase micro crystals are looked… it is wonderful scene.   And I also thank you for your kind notice mail and carefulness.  And thank you again for your charming Gift!!  They are very attractive.  (Hatsumi - Japan)

It arrived at last and I love them all, very special and beautiful.  Thank you very much for the gift. It's such a lovely gesture and surprise.  Thank you again.  (May Ling - Singapore)

gday guys, i received the parcel ... There all awesome and big thankyou for the little gifts too. :) hope your both smiling and finding some more amazing specimens... Will be checking the site for updates soon. Thankyou and much love  (Shane - Australia)

They are incredible!!  I've never had Crystals like this before!  NBB 042 has become my new best friend!!   And thank you for the gift Crystal.  (Beverley - Canada)

My lovely new crystals arrived yesterday!   I unpacked them, they sparkled and shined in the sun, and they looked just like the photo's on your website - I am thrilled!   Thank you very much for everything, thank you for including the little gift of the Brandberg. I plan to continue visiting your site and perhaps some others will speak to me.   Much appreciation, (Catherine - USA) 

Many thanks for the package that arrived today - I'm pleased with both specimens! Your gift of the Brandberg amethyst is also appreciated - it has some interesting inclusion features.  Looking forward to buying more specimens from you in the future. (Mike - Canada) 

Your parcel arrived today. Thank you very much. The smoky quartz is really delicate. And also thank you for the little gift. The amethyst has great phantoms.  (Philip - Germany)

We received our package today.  Thank you so much - they are all so beautiful.  We appreciate very much the extra gift.  It is one of our favorites of the bunch.  We will stay in touch to order more and will be checking the site often for any new specimens.  Thanks and God Bless  (Shauna - USA)

Great package!!!! Thanks.   ... went to the Postoffice and found this wonderful package.  Thank you for the beautiful gift!!  Will be in touch again!! Take Care and Happy rock hunting!  (Alice - USA) 


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