Quartz Crystal with Epidote Inclusions - NBB 163

Quartz crystal with analcime and epidote

Measurements:  30 x 13 x 11 mm

Description:  A clear quartz crystal with a very faint amethyst cloud, small hematite and epidote inclusions and a few small analcime and epidote crystals on its surface. 

The termination tip has no damage, but there is a nick and a small nick lower on the termination.

Weight of Specimen:  7.7 g

Chemical Composition:  SiO2  (quartz)  
                                       NaAl(Si2O6)•(H2O)  (analcime)
                                       Ca2Fe3+2.25Al0.75(SiO4)3(OH)  (epidote)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (quartz)  
(analcime)  5
(epidote)  7

Location:  Brandberg, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  NBB 163

US $ 17

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