Quartz, Epidote and Prehnite Cluster - NBB 198

Stunning cluster of quartz, epidote and prehnite

Measurements:  53 x 40 x 17 mm

Description:  A stunning, delicate cluster of clear quartz, prehnite and epidote crystals on a thin basalt matrix. The epidote group of crystal have some prehnite blades on, and quartz crystals inside. There are also bits of a light green (to us, unknown) mineral (top right image).

Some of the quartz carystals on the edges are damaged. The bottom of matrix has a few stable flaws.

Weight of Specimen:  25.1 g

Chemical Composition:  SiO2  

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  7  

Location:  Brandberg, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  NBB 198

US $ 140


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