Smoky Quartz Crystal with Schorl – NER 006

Double terminated smoky quartz crystal with schorl and hyalite opal

Measurements:  82 x 32 x 27 mm

Description:  A double terminated, light smoky quartz crystal with schorl needles in and on the crystal. There are also bits of white hyalite opal on the surface.

The main termination has a small nick while there is a neat impression near the other termination, a pressure mark from another quartz crystal.

Weight of Specimen:  102.9 g

Chemical Composition:  SiO2  (quartz)  
                                       NaFe2+3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4  (schorl)
                                       SiO2•1.5(H2O)  ( opal)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (quartz)  7
                                          (schorl)  7.5
                                          (opal)  5.5-6 

Location:  Erongo Mountains, Erongo Region, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  NER 006

US $ 75

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