Schorl and Feldspar Cluster NERS 017

Schorl and feldspar cluster

Measurements:  42 x 32 x 28 mm

Description:  A cluster consisting of one good sized, lustrous main schorl crystal and quite a few small ones, and whitish feldspar. The main crystal has a partial 'Mercedes' sign. The facets are shiny.

A few of the lesser schorl crystals are broken, and there are pressure marks and damage to the lower side and bottom of the specimen. In spite of the damage, the specimen displays well.

Weight of Specimen:  46 g

Chemical Composition:  NaFe2+3Al6Si6O18(BO3)3(OH)4  (schorl)
                                       KAlSi3O8  (feldspar)  

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (schorl)  7.5
                                          (feldspar)  6 - 6.5

Location:  Erongo Mountains, Erongo Region, Namibia.

Specimen Code:  NERS 017

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