Azurite Lump with Malachite - NTS 034

Intense blue azurite lump with malachite

Measurements:  52 x 43 x 33  mm

A lump of azurite with an intense blue colour and bits of malachite and another whitish (to us, unknown) mineral on its surfaces. The surfaces of the specimen has crystallization.

No obvious damage.

Weight of Specimen:  88.5 g

Chemical Composition:  Cu3(CO3)2(OH)(azurite)
2+(CO3)(OH)2  (malachite)                      

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (azurite)  3.5 – 4
(malachite)  3.5 - 4

Location:  Tsumeb, Northern Namibia.

Specimen Code:   NTS 034

US $ 160

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