Lustrous Calcite Crystals on Manganite - SKMF 016

Beautiful calcite crystals with high lustre, on manganite matrix

Measurements:  51 x 30 x 25 mm

Description:  Calcite crystals with a high lustre, ranging from pearly white to champagne clear, sit on a matrix of manganite (image bottom left). There are some small, yellowish crystals of an unknown mineral. 

There is very little damage to this beautiful specimen.

Weight of Specimen:  31.2 g

Chemical Composition:  CaCO3  (calcite)   
                                       Mn3+O(OH)  (manganite)

Hardness on Mohs Scale:  (calcite)  3

Location:  N'Chwaning 2, Kalahari Manganese Fields, Kuruman area, South Africa.

Specimen Code:  SKMF 016

US $ 120

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